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Monday, February 9, 2009

Top 10 Update.......


Melissa and Meredith

Emma and Emily

Ricky and Doug

Julie and I

Oh my, it's been six long months since I have updated our family blog. Man, where did the time go? Let's see....what has happened? Well here we go:

1. Resigned from my teaching job
2. Meredith tured 7, going on 17
3. Emma and Emily have turned 3..big girls now
4. Ricky Snow turned 30...OMG, my loving husband is 30. I am not looking forward to me turning 30
5. My mom turned 50, she is going to kill me for posting that! LOL
6. Ricky and I celebrated our anniversary with our good friends Doug and Julie. They are the best :)
7. Jackrabbit Signs is getting busy...thanks to Forney ISD. New shirts will be arriving soon! http://www.jackrabbitsigns.org/
8. Melissa is moving out. Yay, for her. I am so happy for her.
9. I am now a new consultant for Pure Romance. Stay tuned!
10. Ricky bought a 79 Mercedes. LONG STORY! LOL

Anyways, I thought I would update all of you on our TOP 10 updates! I think that is about it :)

Here are some pics of us :)